By Tamra Booth, Keeeps

It can be a complete nightmare when trying to buy the perfect gift for a special woman in your life, with clothes, perfume and cosmetics all being such a personal choice and hard to get right. Handmade ceramics make a great gift because they are truly unique and one-of-a-kind. They are also often practical, useful and sustainable, and something that a person usually wouldn’t buy for themselves – one of the essential requirements for a great gift.

We have found that many of our customers are men, searching for gifts for their female friends, family or partners for a special occasion. We’ve had people ask about what makes a great anniversary and birthday gift. If you are someone that has reached Keeeps searching for a gift for the lady in your life, then we’ve put together this essential gift-giving guide for her, to save you time and ensure you find something she will love.


Kitchen gifts can be a bit risky, and care needs to be taken when buying anything cooking-related to avoid negative connotations associated with women and the kitchen. An appliance or gadget that she doesn’t need, wouldn’t enjoy using or, more importantly, hasn’t asked for, is unlikely to go down well. However, if she is big into baking, is a budding home chef and loves everything food-related, a ceramic kitchen gadget or some decorative kitchenware could be well up her street.

Our handmade pottery pestle and mortar is a fantastic option, a staple kitchen gadget which will get a lot of use, all the while looking unique and rustic. For the same reason, a butter dish is a great option for cooks and bakers alike, keeping butter stylishly covered at room temperature avoiding that annoying moment when you realise the butter is hard as nails and you want to bake! A gorgeous ceramic cake stand would also be a well-received gift for a baker, as it is one of those things that people are reluctant to spend lots of money on themselves. Finally, a salt pig is a cute little ceramic gadget, and they look so gorgeous on the kitchen top or on the dining table for when she is entertaining!


When buying something that she will love for the house, it’s important that anything that could be regarded as ‘generic’ or ‘tatty’ is avoided but it also shouldn’t be something that could be used by the both of you, as it loses that ‘gift’ feeling and makes it less special.

Try getting something that could be paired with something else. For example, flowers are always lovely to receive but could be edging toward the generic category, simply because that is a very popular option to buy for women. However, paired with a gorgeous ceramic vase, the bouquet is made extra special due to just a little bit of further thought. Dried flowers and a handmade ceramic vase make a great gift as dried flowers can last up to three years. Check out our Pots & Posies range for some inspiration!


Alternatively, a stylish set of mugs for her to enjoy a coffee with a friend or at her desk at work and if she is a coffee fiend, our handmade coffee drippers are guaranteed to please. 


3. A cultural gift to inspire & create!

We LOVE a ‘doing’ gift here at Keeeps as they are so memorable. If you can’t think of a physical gift to buy, then we highly recommend getting something for the two of you to enjoy together and create lasting memories.

Trying something new is always a good thing but trying something with friends or family is always so much fun. Keeeps offers exciting pottery taster classes, as well as beginner and intermediate courses so if she’s a creative soul then a voucher or membership (if she’s already a pottery lover) is a great option for a gift. It’s also a great gift for a group of people to club together buy a truly special gift and would make a great leaving present for example. If she has wanted to try pottery for some time, our clay kits are the perfect gift to get her creativity flowing at home and may inspire her to take the plunge and join that class she’s been thinking about.


4. A relaxing gift

I think we all know by now that unless your recipient has specifically asked for this (and we highly doubt that!) then miscellaneous toiletries/bathroom sets should be avoided at all costs. The skincare and beauty department should be left firmly with us. We’ve read the articles, we know our routine and we know what we like. Those gift sets simply won’t be used and will be found shoved at the back of the present drawer around 2 years later having been forgotten. They’re also quite impersonal, and a gift is all about being unique and special.

Candles and tealight holders are always a great shout. We have some gorgeous, scented candles in ceramic holders in stock now which smell delicious but once the candle has burnt out, the holder can be reused. Tealight holders are a great option too, perfect for running a nice warm bath and creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. If you’re going for a spa vibe for a gift, then our handmade ceramic diffusers are a good option for those into aromatherapy and can be paired with her favourite oils and scents. 

Handmade pottery scented candle holders

5. Vouchers

Vouchers are somewhat controversial for a gift, with these being frowned upon for being a ‘thoughtless’ gift and whilst we would agree that you shouldn’t buy her any old voucher, if you have found a store that you think she’d really love but are not 100% sure what to buy, then go for a voucher and let her pick something she loves. If she loves pottery, handmade objects, kitchenware, or homeware then why not treat her to a Keeeps gift voucher? She can even use them for vouchers for pottery classes.

 keeeps vouchers

Equally, if you know she’s desperate to add a few new pieces to her wardrobe or a new perfume, then treat her to a voucher of a store you know she loves as this shows that you’ve listened to what she wants and are limiting the risk of getting her something she doesn’t like, want, or need – win-win!

 We hope we have given you a bit of a helping hand, or at least pointed you in the right direction when it comes to buying gifts for her. If you need any help with buying a gift from Keeeps, do not hesitate to get in touch, we’d be happy to help you find something perfect!

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