Transform your bedroom into a cosy and calming space

Transform your bedroom into a cosy and calming space



The bedroom is the one room in the house that has a direct impact on your health. Hear us out! Studies have shown that people simply sleep better when their bedroom is optimised for light, noise, temperature, and comfort so a relaxing environment is essential for a good night’s rest.[1]

A bad night’s sleep can have knock on effects for the day, effecting productivity, mood and general energy levels… and these are just the short-term problems. In the long term, a lack of sleep can create mental health problems, an impaired immunity, an array of health problems, and affect your appearance (as my eyebags usually give away!).

So, it’s fair to say that having a calming and cosy space to relax in before bed is essential to help you function at and feel your best. Ensuring your bedroom is a cosy and calming space needn’t break the bank, and there are several ways for you to transform your bedroom into a soothing space suited for a good night’s rest. In this week’s blog, we give our recommendations of how you can make your bedroom into a calm and tranquil space.

1. Effect of Colour

Picasso once said “Colours, like features, follow the change of emotions”. Artists and interior designers have long believed that colour can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions.[2]

Colour is extremely subjective, and your feelings about colour will often be personal and deep rooted in your personal experiences and culture. However, some colour effects have universal effects.

For example, warm colours including red, and orange can create feelings of anger and hostility, whilst yellows can create warmth and comfort. On the cooler end of the colour spectrum, blues, greens and purples are often described as calming and therefore make great colours for the bedroom.

Ceramic Doughnut Vase on bedside table

Of course, not everyone has the time (or energy!) to redecorate the whole room, so a feature wall, headboard, or simply utilising some relaxing colours in the soft furnishings can really help create a calming space and so we’ve recommended some of our favourites below.

2. Declutter & Clean

It is well known that dirt and clutter can add to stress[3] – which is something we are trying to actively avoid in the bedroom. Going to bed surrounded by clutter instantly adds something to the to-do list, and creates anxiety, which often leads you wondering “when am I going to have time to deal with this?” right as you’re getting into bed.

Set some time aside to have a quick organise. One of the best and cost-effective actions you can take to create a calming space to sleep in is to keep it minimal. This means removing anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy. Invest in some storage boxes which can go under the bed or in a lovely cabinet for additional storage to tidy things away to avoid the feeling of being surrounded by “stuff”.

3. Keep accessories minimal and functional

A sparse space can make the space feel empty and clinical. Whilst decluttering is great, it is important not to rid the room of any character or cosiness.

A great tip is to make sure that everything has a purpose or a function.

Our little trinket dishes are a great example of this. They look beautiful but serve a purpose – they are a fantastic place to store jewellery, to keep things organised and tidy.

Ceramic dish with jewellery and candle

Another great option is a bookcase or shelving. We love TikaMoon’s wall shelving and bookcases for keeping things organised but looking clean and natural. Much of their furniture is wooden, which instantly creates a calming vibe, due to its soft and natural aesthetic. Not only that, but they are a sustainable brand, so you can rest easy knowing your accessories are ethically sourced!

tikamoon solid teak bookshelf

Shelving or windowsills can be accessorised with your favourite books, plants and accessories. We LOVE a ceramic bud vase on shelves with some colourful dried flowers – adding a sunny pop. These can be dressed with anything that brings you happiness – just avoid anything unnecessary.

4. Bring your space to life

There has been much chatter on whether plants belong in the bedroom. Largely this is due to the fact that they release carbon dioxide at night whilst you are sleeping – but studies say that this is unfounded and plants DO a positive impact on sleep [4].

Researchers have found that green plants help reduce cortisol (that dreaded stress hormone), reduces sleep latency (the amount of time it takes you to drop off to sleep) and reduces the number of times you wake in the night which all add up to a better night’s rest [5].

Not only that, but during the day, plants will absorb CO2 and release oxygen which helps freshen the air and eliminate toxins. Research conducted by NASA says that houseplants remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours [6].

Gardening is said to be great for mental health and has meditative qualities which help you relax and feel more peaceful and content [7]. This extends to your house plants and pruning watering and tending to these can be a great meditative practice, to help you switch off before bed.

Pair your plants with a gorgeous ceramic planter. Keeeps has a range of plant pots which look great with all types of plants. All the plant pots featured in this blog post are available on the Keeeps website.

5. Make it FEEL good

So much time is spent on the visual aspect, but when it comes to the bedroom, it’s got to feel good too. One thing that we think you should never scrimp on is bed sheets. Our absolute favourites are the bamboo and ‘silk’ sheets from Ethical Bedding. They are ridiculously soft, and great for the environment too. Their ‘silk’ is made from eucalyptus, is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria growth with the same benefits as conventional silk. They feel absolutely heavenly on your skin and you simply don’t want to get out of bed.

cosy bed in bedroom

Another favourite is soft throws and lots of pillows. A bed has got to look great when made but inviting too. If you don’t want to jump or crawl into your bed, you’ve not got enough cushions in our opinion!

Our go-to brands for throws, scatter cushions & gorgeous bedspreads are:

  •  Biggie Best for their luxurious bedspreads and pillows, but they also sell divine home fragrances in the form of reed diffusers and candles, which go hand in hand with point 6 below! Biggie Best is based locally to Keeeps in Marlow, but has many other stores around the UK and an online store!
  • Arlo & Jacob are another favourite, and we love their cushions which not only make the bed look inviting and the room look homey, but it can assist in adding a pop of your chosen colour (point 1, check!). Arlo & Jacob are also Marlow based, which is why we love them, but have stores around the UK.
  • Collective Stories is a new find for us, but we love its different and ethical homewares which celebrate artisan craftsmanship around the world. The homeware is not only made by hand (winning!) but is also made responsibly - their cushions are to die for!

6. Enjoy some aromatherapy

Don’t forget about smell! It’s like when you get into bed with clean sheets, and that smell of fresh cotton hits you, it’s so comforting and calming.

It’s not surprising that aromatherapy has been proven to improve sleep quality [8]. A great way to fill the bedroom with your favourite scents is by using reed diffusers which distribute the fragrance throughout the room, without being too heavy.

ceramic reed diffusers for aromatherapy

We love Territory Scents, a local business taking the diffuser market by storm with their delightful scents. You can even get a sample of the fragrances before committing to a full bottle or signing up to a fragrance subscription once you’ll fallen in love! Their ceramic bottles are made by Emma Alington, who is one of our amazing pottery tutors and whose work is also stocked at Keeeps – she is super talented.

Territory Scents Reed Diffuser Home Fragrance

At Keeeps, we switch up our bud vases into ceramic diffusers too. One day it’ll be brightening the room with a beautiful bud and the next, filling the room with evocative scents. We have a huge selection of diffusers and bud vases for you to browse for your new cosy bedroom space.

handmade ceramic budvases in white gloss glaze

7. Light it up

The “big” or “top” light is a no-no when getting ready for bed and starting the bedtime routine. What you really need is some soft ambient lighting, which helps you wind down for the evening and start to feel drowsy. Laverick & Son are a UK business, who make stunning porcelain lamps (a business after our own heart!) which are perfect for creating that soft and calming light which is needed to unwind before bed.

Laverick & Son Table Lamp

Candles are also an absolute must and are a great way to relax. The low light and gentle flickering help our bodies to relax and if the candle is scented, in particular with ingredients known for their calming properties (like lavender or peppermint), this will only enhance your candlelit bedtime experience [9].

Our sublime scented candles are available in rose, geranium and lavender, or peppermint. Both are gorgeous and known for promoting restfulness. Not to mention, they are cased in a beautiful ceramic pot…what more could you want?

scented candles in ceramic holders

So, there you have it, these are our top tips for creating a calming bedroom sanctuary which hopefully will help you get a good night’s rest, and ultimately, make you feel good. Add a few ceramic accessories, and you’re onto a truly unique, stylish and relaxing bedroom space.




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