Two brown pottery mugs speckled with black.  White stripe at top. One laying on its side
Two white and brown pottery mugs side by side
Two brown and white ceramic mugs. One lying down.
Two brown and white pottery mugs.
Aerial view of two brown and white pottery mugs. Inside is white speckled
Hand holding brown and white pottery mug

Jenny Zolkwer

Pair of brown speckled mugs

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This pair of mugs vary in shape to form a complementary team. One is wider and shallower whilst the other is taller and narrower. Perhaps one for coffee and one for tea? They have been beautifully glazed in a woodland brown speckled with black and there are two contrasting bands at the top in white and a lighter brown. Simply lovely and perfect for a steaming cuppa... or two.
6h x 9d cm 2.4h x 3.5d inch
7.5h x 7d cm 3h x 2.8d inch

All sizes are approximate as everything is handmade.

Jenny Zolkwer

Jenny Zolkwer

Buckinghamshire, UK
Potter Jenny uses stoneware and porcelain to make tactile ceramics from her studio in the Buckinghamshire village of Turville. Her day begins with a calming walk over the beautiful hills to her studio giving her the opportunity to focus and plan her day.

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