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Pottery Painting | Shared Pottery Experience Voucher

Pottery Painting | Shared Pottery Experience Voucher

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What better way for your recipient to spend quality time being creative, than to paint pottery! Either on their own or with friends!

Both are group classes run by tutors who can help with ideas and techniques for painting pottery. They will choose from a selection of pre-handmade mugs, jugs and moon jars, and paint and keep one pot each.

Importantly, we don't use imported pots (bisqueware) at Keeeps, all our pots are made right here at Keeeps by our potters, so you are also supporting skills that contribute to the growth and well-being of our nation!

'Decorate Handmade Pottery' is a daytime event for kids, families and friends. The 'Girls' Night Out' is an evening session where you can BYO bottle of wine, fizz or beer, and we will pour your drinks in our glasses, plus it includes our cheese and charcuterie grazing boards!

Decorate Handmade Pottery - age 5+
Girls' Night Out Pottery Painting - age 18+