Evenings are chillier, the leaves are beginning to turn that amazing burnt orange colour, and the darker evenings are making us want to dig out our chunky knit jumpers, drink hot chocolate and not come out until spring arrives. However, this year we’re doing it differently, and rather than spending our time pining for the summer, we’ve decided to embrace the colder seasons, and that all begins by welcoming autumn into our homes.

As we begin to spend more time inside, it’s important that our homes are cosy, stylish and a little haven for us to spend the winter months in the company of friends and family. So, here are a few tips on how to create a cosy home this autumn to make the hibernation season a little more enjoyable!

1. Bring the outside in

Just because the leaves are falling and the trees becoming bare in the outside world, that doesn’t mean that the same needs to apply indoors! A bit of greenery in the house can do you the world of good throughout the winter months, serving as a reminder that spring is not far around the corner when you’ve just about had enough of the short days.

hanging ceramic plant pots

Hanging Plant Pots by Karen Easter

However, with less sunshine, fewer daylight hours available, and a poor-track record of tending to our plants even in the best of weather conditions, indestructible and hardy plants are the way forward this autumn. Our favourites are the snake plant, great for brightening up a windowsill or desk, and philodendrons whose cheery tendrils look fabulous displayed in the Keeeps hanging plant pot or dangling over a shelf. Both are very easy-going plants and a stylish addition to any home.[1]

philodendron plant on shelf

2. Add a splash of autumnal colour

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of creating an autumnal cosy home, with rust, bronze and earthy tones more popular than ever, as well as olive, sage and deep greens.

A great way to add a pop of autumnal colour, is via the accessories. Go simple with some mini pumpkins (which can be eaten in a delicious stew, so they don’t go to waste!), used as a centrepiece for the dining table or to decorate a sparse shelf. Jess Hurrel at @Gold_is_a_neutral has created a stunning autumnal fireplace simply with the addition of some candlesticks, mini pumpkins and some burnt orange flowers and it looks amazing.

If traditional autumn colours aren’t your cup of tea, dried flowers are a great option to bring in some seasonal warmth. Dried flowers really come into their own in Autumn, with their neutral, earthy tones really reflecting the season. We love pampas grasses, poppy seed heads and cotton stems paired with a bold ceramic vase to create a seasonal, calming and cosy home using mostly a neutral colour palette.

ceramic vase with dried flowers

Stoneware Vase by Robin Walden

3. Introduce some moody lighting

With the clocks going back soon, marking the end of British Summer Time, lighting is essential, because nobody can possibly enjoy a cosy evening with the “big light” on. Floor and table lamps create the most inviting type of light for a cosy home, and we love the earthy neutral tones of Home Barn’s Stone Lichen Lamps, which are perfect for all seasons.

The power of a good candle should not be forgotten here, as there is nothing more comforting and cosy as the flicker of a flame as you settle down on the sofa for the evening, or while relaxing in the bath after a long day at work. Our go-to for the best candles is Twenty Three Living in Marlow (our favourite scent for autumn being Black Oak, with the nutmeg hints providing that autumnal spice and all things nice).

The Keeeps traditional candle holders also look fantastic paired with some rust, burgundy or brown tealights, which not only help bring a pop of autumnal colour to the space but also create a warm, cosy home for relaxing in.

ceramic traditional tealight holders

Traditional Tealight Holders by Jess Sarson

4. Layer up and add some texture

Another easy way to change your home up, to welcome autumn and create a cosier home, is to introduce some soft furnishings like throws, cushions, blankets and these can completely transform the feel of a room. Cashmere, faux fur, wool, cable knits, in fact, anything heavier is ideal for this time of year and are perfect companions for autumn. Whether draped over the end of the bed, placed over the back of a chair or on the end of the sofa, throws are guaranteed to create a warm, cosy home.

5. Cook up a seasonal storm

Hot chocolate, homemade soups, stews, curries and wholesome tray bakes are the way to our hearts in autumn. Whilst we have the tendency to favour these comfort foods in the height of winter, this doesn’t mean they need to be unhealthy. In fact, the meals that we consider to be heavy, can often be packed with nutritious winter veg and pulses.

When we exchange our summer salads for our winter stews, we also stow away our summer kitchenware, with the winter hot-pots taking pride of place in the cupboard. We love our handmade ceramic oven dish made by Jess Sarson which is perfect for cooking those winter warmers and would make the perfect gift for the home chef or foodie in your life. Some of our favourite recipes for autumn are Amy Sheppard’s Lentil Hotpot, the Peri-Peri Chicken by SimplyFoodbyMandy for some an easy mid-week meal and the Wild Blackberry and Apple Cobbler by The Taylor Table for the MOST delicious Sunday lunch pudding ever!

ceramic oven dishes

Ceramic oven dishes by Jess Sarson

Of course, whilst we’re eating a lot more hot, wholesome food, we’re also brewing the kettle like there’s no tomorrow. Mugs of warming soup and delicious hot chocolate (for the perfect innocent post-dinner dessert) are autumn staples so remember to upgrade your mug game!  These large stoneware mugs and white hot chocolate mugs are a great size and will fit perfectly in your hand or nestled in your lap whilst relaxing.

large stoneware mugs

Pair of large stoneware mugs by Jess Sarson

6. Don’t forget smell!

Smell is so easily forgotten but it is such a powerful sense, with the ability to take you back in time or recapture a mood or feeling. A simple way of introducing some autumn vibes into your home is by a reed diffuser. It’s time to pack away your citrus and coconutty scents that keep you living for the summer and embrace more spicy, earthy scents such as sandalwood, cinnamon, caramel and vanilla. We love both The Library and Enchanted Forest scents by Chase and Wonder evoking crisp autumn walks and curled up in front of the fire vibes. Paired with our wildflower handmade ceramic diffusers and you’re onto a real winter winner.

ceramic diffusers

 Wildflower Ceramic Diffusers by Karen Easter

We hope this shows that with just a few small additions, you can create a beautiful, autumnal, calm and cosy home to really enjoy the changing seasons in and you're now feeling inspired to embrace autumn and welcome it into your home!





[1] 4 Indoor Plants for Fall, Because You Need Something Hardy | Well+Good (

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