About Keeeps

Who are we?

Keeeps Pottery was founded by Tamra Booth in 2020 to bring the community together through pottery. Tamra had studied ceramics in her late teens and felt she could not make a career of it. Fast forward 30 years and Keeeps Pottery has since enabled Tamra and her wonderful team to help thousands of people try, rekindle and finesse this mindful, age-old skill.​

What we do

From our stylish (and surprisingly clean!) pottery studios we run pottery classes for you to enjoy hands-on fun and joyful experiences with friends, family and colleagues. We have a great variety of classes, courses, parties and memberships available for all ages - 'pottery classes for everyone'!


Being responsible

- We work with an all-natural material - clay is literally, fired mud
- We recycle all our clay scraps into workable clay
- We look after our employees and potters
- We encourage and support a screen-free, mindful career and hobby
- We support British industry and homegrown practical skills
- Our packaging and gift wrapping is all biodegradable and reusable