Farewell, Elizabeth the Great.

Farewell, Elizabeth the Great.


The whole team at Keeeps was so sad to hear of the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II, and we join the rest of Marlow, the UK and the Commonwealth in mourning but also celebrating her life and incredible reign.

In order to do so, Keeeps Marlow will be closed on Monday 19th October to allow our lovely team to grieve and mourn.

I was fortunate enough to meet Her Majesty back in 2012, during the unveiling of a statue in Windsor for her Diamond Jubilee. Her Majesty had this all-encompassing ability to completely enchant the room, not just because of her status, but because of her warm personality. I was completely captivated by her wonderful smile and kind and encouraging words. 

It has been a sad week, and the sorrow in our community is palpable. For most of us, she is the only monarch we have ever known, and it is strange not to have her comforting and steadfast presence around any more. To see the tributes from around the world and the sadness of her own family has been heartbreaking.

However, as we mourn the death of a great leader, we also look forward to and the reign of King Charles III - after all, what a great example he has had to guide him. 

I read recently in a BBC article, that King Charles not only was a talented cello player and actor, but he was also an accomplished potter! Keeeps wishes him all the best on the next stage of his duties, and we welcome him to the Keeeps studio if ever he fancies a little go on our wheels.

God Save the King!

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