5 Reasons to Buy British Handmade Pottery

5 Reasons to Buy British Handmade Pottery


There are so many reasons to buy British pottery, but for Buy British Day, I've tried to nail it down to just five, which was a tougher feat than I anticipated!

One thing is for certain, it's more important now than ever to support our local UK businesses, craftsman and high streets in whatever way we can.

So, let's take a look at my top five reasons why buying British handmade pottery is not only important, but also gives back.

1. Buying British Helps the Economy

Buying British pottery is great news for the economy, and let's be honest, there's not much good news coming out of that at the moment.

When you buy British pottery, you're investing in not only the potter themselves, but their craft, which has been around since ancient times. 

The problem with buying ceramics from your large homeware stores or supermarkets is that it is lacking in individuality and often made abroad. 

Money spent on handmade pottery from caring UK businesses like Keeeps, is put straight back into your local economy.

 functional pottery salt pig and dipping dishes set

Salt Pig and Dipping Dish Set by Jess Sarson. Click the photo to shop.

2. Lowers the Carbon Footprint

Here at Keeeps we only buy British pottery. It is our firm belief that we have so much amazing talent here in the UK that it's not necessary for us to source handmade pottery away from home. 

Handmade pottery made on home soil will often have a far lower carbon footprint than ceramics made overseas. Particularly those mass-produced in far away countries like China and India that often find their way onto the shelves at supermarkets or large homeware stores.

Handmade pottery sourced by Keeeps doesn't travel across the oceans to get to you, just occasionally up the M25!

It's a benefit that you don't see or feel, but you can rest easy knowing your footprint is that little bit smaller.

stripy green handmade pottery mug

Handmade Pottery Mug by Noriko Nagaoka. Tap the photo to shop.

3. Nurture and Support Home-Grown Talent

This is a point which is relevant at the moment with the current economic climate, and close to our hearts at Keeeps.

In times of financial difficulty, many artists, potters, designers and other craftsmen leave college and can't get jobs working for large companies.

Many don't know where to go from here, and with the pressing need to make a living, feel compelled to leave their craft behind.

One of our key missions at Keeeps is to provide an income for talented British potters.  It's one of the reasons I set Keeeps up in the first place, understanding that feeling of leaving college with no idea of how to or if I could make a living from the craft I loved.

Some potters set up on their own, creating their own brands to continue doing what they love. Bravo! It's a brave move in times like these, and buying handmade British pottery helps support them, so they can continue making beautiful things.

beautiful rustic handmade ceramic jug in turquoise

Beautiful Handmade Ceramic Jug by potter Joanna Oliver. Tap to shop.

4. Help Keep Retail Alive!

Not only does buying British pottery help support UK potters, but it also supports the future of the high street.

Nobody wants to pop into town at the weekend and be greeted by the larger retailers only. It's boring and uninspiring. 

There are so many amazing independent businesses with new ideas, which are bringing life to our high streets around the UK and reintroducing a little community spirit back to our towns and villages.

Buying British, and British handmade pottery, helps keep the UK retail market exciting and fresh.

handmade pottery store marlow UK

One of the rooms in our beautiful Marlow store.

5. Amazing Quality

So, I am totally biased here, but I genuinely believe that the gorgeous pottery you'll find in the Keeeps store, both online and in Marlow is miles ahead of manufactured pottery in terms of appearance, feel and overall quality. 

The colours are more vibrant, the design is more considered, and there are bounds of personality and character crafted into each of our pieces.

You just will not find a handmade piece as unique or beautiful as you find in Keeeps, in a department store or supermarket. 

Why? Because it's made by a real person who has thought about what you'll like, what you won't like, how it should function and be held and with the preferred styles and colours of the UK customer. It's priceless.

 japanese handmade ceramic platter in denim blue glaze

Stunning handmade ceramic platter made by Noriko Nagaoka. Tap to shop.

So, where do you buy British handmade pottery?

At Keeeps! If you're in Marlow, brilliant! Pop into our store on the high street, and to the other incredible British retailers too.

If not, no worries. We have an online store filled with handmade pottery homeware, kitchenware, gardenware and amazing giftable items for your friends, family and animals (yes, we do have a pet range!).

ceramic multicoloured dog bowl

The Keeeps Dog, Milo, looking very happy with his ceramic dog bowl by Victoria Johnson!

To find other British brands, Make it British lists lots of UK retailers selling a range of handmade goods, you can check out the list here.

In the meantime, why not check out our homeware and kitchenware ranges. Get lost in our beautiful collections, and maybe you'll now treat yourself to a gorgeous piece of British handmade ceramic!



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