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5 Reasons You’ll Love Handmade Mugs


There are so many reasons to love ceramic handmade mugs. There’s a reason they’re so popular with our customers. 

They help establish routine and structure which in turn helps you feel in control of the day ahead. They provide benchmarks, and act as a reminder to take a break in your day. Think about it, your first cup of tea in the morning that gets you going, that 11am coffee break to look forward to.  

A handmade mug can promote mindfulness and encourage mindful habits. Enjoying 10 minutes of quiet can help you gather your thoughts and prepare for the day ahead. It can also help increase productivity which is particularly useful if you’ve a busy day ahead.  

A great opportunity to practice these mindful 10 minutes is when you wake up, with your trusty handmade mug in your hand. A handmade mug will help you make the most of and appreciate your morning drink. 

There’s a reason that people get so attached to their mugs. You become attached to it as it becomes so ingrained in your day. But what makes the mug itself special and why does being handmade, make it a cut above the rest?  

Blue wash handmade mugs

1. Completely Original

One of our favourite things about handmade mugs are the unusual glazes created by their makers.  

For those of you reading who are new to pottery, glaze is the coating which is painted on once the piece has been built and dried. The glaze is what make handmade mugs so special. 

You can get glazes which have a glossy, matte, smooth, textured, clear or opaque finish and the potters work really hard to create unique and beautiful glazes for their pieces.  

Whilst we don’t want to get too scientific, let’s talk about glazes and how they’re all so different. Basically, it’s all in the chemicals. Potters will experiment with their glazes by varying the composition of these. This results in different outcomes as each mineral and its quantity react in a different way.  

When the handmade mugs are fired in the kiln, the basic components of the glaze and the additives added by the potter will undergo a chemical reaction. That reaction dramatically changes the appearance of the piece.  

Copper, iron oxide and cobalt oxide are common colourants used for glazes and will usually product a completely different colour once it has been firedIt might be painted on blue but comes out of the kiln gold for example! 

Potters spend time perfecting their glaze selection and the experimentation process often produces the most unusual and beautiful colours and patterns. These are unlike anything you will ever buy in store, and it is what makes handmade mugs and pottery pieces so special. 

Japanese handmade mugs

2. They're Comforting

Mugs you buy in-store are often standard. They’re usually a bog-standard shape, have smooth sides and a plain side. They don’t feel particularly joyous to hold or inspire a connection.  

Handmade mugs just make you feel good. The texture which is achieved by the potter by throwing with different clays, carving and finishing creates patterns and ridges in the clay is so comforting.  

You can feel the energy and skill which has gone into each piece which awakens the senses as soon as you use it. It is this texture which makes a handmade mug so special. 

A handmade mug may be the first thing you reach for in the morning, when you make your coffee. You probably find it in your hands for a disproportionate amount of the day, particularly if you’re working from home. It might be one of the last things you hold before you go to sleep.  A handmade mug comforts you in those moments and provides some peace and relaxation. 

Snuggly handmade mugs

3. They Make a Great Gift

Handmade mugs make a great gift no matter the occasion. Whether you’re buying a gift for a close family member, your best mate, a work colleague or teacher at the end of term. A mug is always a great thoughtful present, particularly if it is handmade. 

A handmade mug is something that you’ll use every day. From your morning cup of tea to your afternoon pick me up. It can cheer someone up and improve someone’s day and what better gift can you give than that? 

Pick a handmade mug that suits your recipient’s favourite drink and favourite colours. Maybe a large, sturdy cup for a strong cup of coffee, or a sweet little cup and saucer for the perfect cup of tea. Or, a bright and beautiful mug to remind them of the sunshine during tough times. 

Buy a pair so they can enjoy a cuppa tea with a friend over a catch up. Us Brits love having a good old chin wag over a cup of tea, and a handmade mug makes a great talking point! 

Whatever you choose, it’s guaranteed to put a huge smile on their face. 

Denim blue handmade mugs

4. Made by a Real Person

The human connection is what makes handmade mugs so special. Much like when someone makes a homemade meal for you, it is appreciated so much for the effort and love that has gone into it. 

Potters generally don’t make big money from making mugs. They take a long time to make but often can’t really be sold for a price that reflects that time. 
However, potters know that people love mugs, so they make them anyway. They’re one of our most popular products online and in-store and they bring so much joy to our customers. 

So, when you drink from your new handmade mug, think about the time, love and effort that has gone into your favourite mug. They’ve sat in their studio, experimented to get the perfect colour glaze, hand built the handle for a comfortable hold, and thrown to perfection.  

A handmade mug is functional art at its very best.  

Buying handmade from a studio potter helps support not only them, but their craft and will encourage the next generation of creatives and potters to pursue pottery as a legitimate career.

Blue wash handmade mugs

5. Built to Last

Fashion trends are one of the main reasons people throw out their stuff in exchange for the latest trend. We’ve seen this demonstrated by the fast fashion industry and the disastrous effects that has on the environment. Not only that, but it is often such poor quality, it needs to be replaced within a matter of months. 

The same comparisons can be drawn with pottery homeware. However, with handmade mugs a connection is formed. As soon as that connection is in place, you’re never going to want to part with your favourite mug. You certainly won’t be thinking about replacing it anytime soon.  

Sunny yellow handmade mugs

In the long run, buy once and buy well applies to handmade mugs as well as clothing. As long as have that connection, it won’t matter if a new trend comes along. 

So, pop the kettle on and check out our collection of beautiful handmade mugs in-store and online

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