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Pottery Classes with Keeeps: Wheel Throwing Taster

Whilst you can start your pottery journey with a wheel taster pottery class, we’d recommend beginning with a clay taster pottery class first before moving on to a wheel throwing taster class. 

Why? Well, the clay taster pottery class gives you a broad-ranging idea of what making pottery is like and the various techniques of making it. The clay taster predominantly covers hand building with a short session on the wheel so you can get a feel for the clay. 

Wheel throwing is a specific way of making pottery, and our wheel throwing taster class hones in on that particular skill, which is the second stage of your learning. 

But what exactly is a wheel throwing taster and what will you learn? 

What is a wheel taster pottery class? 

Our wheel taster pottery class is a 2.5-hour class which will be spent exclusively on the pottery wheel. The pottery class is designed to give you a working knowledge of throwing pots on the wheel. 

Who are the wheel taster pottery classes for? 

The wheel taster pottery classes are for students who have completed the clay taster or who have tried pottery fairly recently, and are looking to develop their knowledge of wheel throwing, and take the next step in their making pottery journey. 

You can also start your pottery journey with a wheel taster class but we would recommend beginning with a clay taster pottery class. 

How many people will be on my wheel taster pottery class? 

The pottery classes are in groups of 7 people so you’ll have plenty of time with the tutor and it will still be a relaxing experience as well as good fun. 

How much are the wheel taster pottery classes? 

Our wheel throwing taster classes are £80 per person. 

The price includes everything – tuition, clay, glazes, use of equipment and apron, and firing of your work. We also provide free tea and coffee! 

What will I learn? 

You’ll get a taste of how to manage the clay on the wheel, how it moves and how far it goes as well as learning how to effectively ‘centre’ the clay on the wheel which is essential in stopping it from flying off and ruining your masterpiece! 

What will I make? 

You’ll make several pieces on the wheel taster class, but you’ll pick your favourite creation to keep as a memento.  

Usually, this is a small bowl, a cup, trinket dish, small bud vase or pencil pot. 

Here is our Potter Tutor Amber showing us how it is done!

What should I bring? 

Just bring yourself and a positive attitude ready to get potting! A couple of things of other things we recommend bringing and/or doing beforehand are: 

  • Water bottle – potting is thirsty work! 
  • Mask (optional) 
  • Clothes that you don’t mind getting dusty and dirty – making pottery can get messy! 
  • Flat shoes/trainers, no open toe shoes 
  • You will need to remove your rings so you may wish to leave these at home (or risk them getting caked in clay!) 
  • Hair tied back  
  • Sensible length nails (long nails make it more difficult!) 
  • Something to make fun or pretty textures in the clay (totally optional as you will be given plenty of tools to use!) 

I LOVED my wheel taster…what pottery class or course should I do next? 

If you’ve done your clay taster and wheel taster, and you are rather smitten with wheel throwing, the next stage in your pottery journey will be to book onto a wheel throwing course. Here you will hone your throwing skills in a 4 or 6 week course.  

Alternatively, if you began your pottery experience with a wheel taster class, you may wish to take a clay taster pottery class to learn all about hand building to have a broad understanding of making pottery and the various techniques used by potters. 

Enjoy your wheel throwing taster class! 

We hope this blog helps you understand what the wheel taster pottery class is all about, what you’ll learn and which pottery class you should take next, once you’ve completed your wheel taster and fallen in love with making pottery! 

If you have any other questions, feel free to pop them in the comments below, give us a call on 01268 397000 or an email at marlow@keeeps.co.uk. 

We’re so excited to see you on your next pottery class! 

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