When Best Book Forward visited Keeeps Marlow...

When Best Book Forward visited Keeeps Marlow...

We are lucky enough to have been featured in a wonderful book review when Best Book Forward (IG @bestbookforward) visited our studio recently.

Helen of Best Book Forward writes a fantastic blog and her Instagram page is full to the brim of brilliant reviews of her latest reads. It’s our go-to for book recommendations! 

Recently, Sara Cox’s debut novel, ‘Thrown’ found its way to the top of Helen’s reading list. ‘Thrown’ is all about a group of ladies brought together by their local pottery class – which is very close to our hearts at Keeeps! You can read Helen’s review of the book here 

After reading the book, Helen was inspired to try her hand at making pots herself, and a few days later found herself stepping through the doors of the Keeeps pottery studio for her very first pottery class.  

Helen started her pottery journey with a clay taster class, which is designed for those who are completely new to making pottery and gives you a flavour of the main techniques of making pottery, including hand building and wheel throwing.  

making pottery clay taster class

Prior to her class, as many people do, Helen felt a little apprehensive, worried that she wouldn’t be very good at it. And, whilst (in Helen’s own words!) making pottery didn’t come naturally to Helen, with the help of our lovely potter tutor Emma, Helen was able to make some pieces and more importantly, really enjoyed the process.  

Having had such a brilliant time, Helen has kindly written a complete review of her clay taster class over on her blog.  

One of our favourite extracts is: 

“There were times throughout the afternoon when there was chatter and laughter amongst the group but there were these other blissful moments of silence. When I looked up, I could see that everybody was just totally absorbed in what they were doing and for me it felt like the first time I had truly relaxed in ages”. 

This is exactly what Keeeps aims to provide in our pottery experiences and what we are all about. Pottery is fun, messy but also inherently relaxing. You’ll learn something totally new, have a laugh and a chat with someone new, but also completely switch off and feel the mesmerising and meditative effect that pottery has on the mind. 

We are so pleased that Helen loved her experience and if you are in two minds about joining us for a pottery class, give Helen’s blog a read. 

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