No matter how cliché it sounds, it is so true: flowers are a great way to brighten up a room. The vase brings style, flair and refinement to your home, making a space pop and to provide a bit of zhuzh.

Humans have been displaying flowers in vases since 3100BCwith silver vases thought to be gifted to the pharaohs of Egypt – they were clearly well ahead of their time!

Whilst we cannot be certain when exactly the bud vase emerged as a style of vase, it is thought that it gained popularity in France in the early 18th century. As social life centred in the intimate spaces of Parisian town houses, both bouquets and vases were comparatively small, to match the scale of the rooms they were displayed in.[1]

So, bud vases are by no means a new trend, and have been admired for centuries. However, they have certainly fallen in and out of fashion over recent years.

A fun fact for you: in the late 90’s, Voltswagen used the slogan “A work of art with side air bags and a bud vase”. In the 50’s, VW added a porcelain bud vase or “blumenvasen” to their Beetles, allowing customers to customise their cars with real or fake flowers. This was a nod to the early days of driving in the 1800’s where automobile vases were filled with fresh flowers to use as air fresheners in the days pre-air conditioning! However, in the modern days of the 1950’s, the bud vases were purely decorative, adding a little colour and joy to driving. [2]

Bud vases subsequently became hugely popular in the decades that followed too – does anyone else remember their grandparents having little glass bud vases dotted around the house?!

Recently, however, we have seen a spike in their popularity, with bud vases flooding our Instagram feeds (if you follow as many homeware accounts as we do!). So, what is a bud vase and why are they so bloomin’ on trend?


For those unfamiliar, a bud vase “is a small, usually narrow vessel, sized and shaped to hold a single flower”. However, a bud vase can also hold a couple or a few flowers, or a small bouquet, but a bud vase is designed “to highlight the boldness of a single stem!

The form and design of a bud vase varies, but classically the neck of the vase is narrow with a bulbous base. Bud vases can also be made in intriguing geometric shapes, or they may be more architectural, as in the case of a bud vase made from a cylinder.[3]

bud vases on bedside table nightstand

In terms of materials, the most popular today are ceramic, glass and crystal. The benefit of ceramic over glass or crystal is that you don’t see the water go cloudy or a bit mucky which tends to ruin the aesthetic, and whilst it may not be an issue with a single stem, it may be more problematic when displaying a small bouquet in your bud vase.

Ceramic is so versatile too, with such a huge range of shapes and colours, for such small accessories, they can have a huge difference on the feel of your home.

bud vases on shelf

At Keeeps, we have a huge range of bud vases in all different shapes, sizes and glazes and to suit all types of spaces. The best thing (in our completely unbiased opinion) is that they are handmade by UK potters and there is a limited amount of each bud vase available, meaning your bud vase will be totally unique.



The beauty of a single stem is that it takes little to no time to arrange and it’s an efficient and easy way to add a pop of colour and style to your home with minimal effort.

Add some dried flowers to your bud vase and it will sit there proudly for years, with little to no upkeep on your part!

doughnut vase on nightstand or bedside table


Using a bold single stem is an easy way to introduce colour, bring the outdoors in, and to fill a small space. Sometimes, you don’t want a large vase with an epic bouquet on the windowsill, rather a muted bud vase with a single stem really achieves that calming and more zen vibe in your home. Bud vase is great at filling the space so it doesn’t look sparse, without overdoing it.

The days of a massive vessel and a myriad of blooms being the only option to make an impact in your home are over.

 bud vases on a windowsill


Due to the size of a bud vase, they work well on tables and surfaces of any size. They also make a lovely centrepiece on the table as they are easy to see over and  make conversation with your dinner guests – nothing more annoying than having a beautiful arrangement and vase on the middle of the table that has to be moved elsewhere as no one can see around it.

When it comes to ceramic bud vases, there are such a vast array of shapes and styles to choose from each with a unique flair about them.

bud vases on side table


Flowers are always a gorgeous gift to receive, but when you’re on the receiving end of a beautiful bouquet from your friends and family, it can often feel like you’re navigating Kew Gardens as opposed to your home, during a special occasion.

A bud vase with a couple of lovely blooms can go on a dressing table or side table or on a bookshelf and generally fits in those places that the big bouquets won’t. Not only that, but you’re avoiding the plastic wrapped bouquets!  

three bud vases with flowers in


There is a significant environmental impact associated with the farming of fresh flowers – not only due to the water use but due to the carbon emission because of refrigeration and long-haul transport. By no means are we saying, “YOU MUST NOT EVER BUY A BOUQUET AGAIN!” but reducing consumption is a great way of doing our bit!

Fill your bud vase with a beautiful flower from the garden, a single stem from your local florist, or a wildflower found on a spring time walk.


All of the photos featured in this blog post are bud vases which are available now at the Keeeps store. Since you’re here, why not take a look at our vase section? We have also tagged the products featured in this blog post, just tap on the photo!

As always, if you’re looking for something specific or have any questions, pop this in the comments below, send us a message on our socials, or an email at hello@keeeps.co.uk.




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